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JOOLA – for 55 years, table tennis at the highest level

In 1953, in the ski workshop of the company Jooss in Landau, the first JOOLA table tennis table was manufactured. Nobody could foresee what would arise within the next 55 years.

As early as 1954 table tennis production became an independent department within Jooss that continuously expanded, however it would not be until 1961 that the German Championships would be played on JOOLA tables for the first time.

From then success and change came swiftly. In Frankfurt-Höchst, 1963, the International German Championships were played on JOOLA tables for the first time. Production had to move to Landau-Godramstein.

In 1972 a further move was required. The premises in Godramstein had become too small and as the city of Landau could not offer a suitable site, the winegrower village Siebeldingen won the tender. The present head office, which has been constantly expanded, was newly established.

1973 was a special year. JOOLA extended their range of products and introduced a clothing collection. Additionally, the first JOOLA blades and rubbers were developed. The first major table tennis brand selling a complete range around the celluloid ball had been generated.

When in 1977 Peter Stellwag became German Champion with the JOOLA TURBO rubber and his legendary Stellwag GREEN SPOT blade, JOOLA had already established itself in the blade section.

In 1984 JOOLA became equipment supplier to the ETTU European League. This commitment still continues today.

The 1989 World Championships in Dortmund signalled a new era for table tennis in Germany. Jörg Roßkopf and Steffen Fetzner became World Champions in the men’s doubles and to this day remain the only German World Champions. Everyone was talking about table tennis and the real boom began. The opportunity to earn money for players escalated and professional table tennis evolved.Again JOOLA was at the forefront, as equipment supplier to the World Championships, the National Team and of course of to Rossi! Besides the delivery of tables, net and post sets and all other accessories, JOOLA developed the red-coloured table tennis flooring, which continues to be used at all table tennis events in cooperation with the German Table Tennis Association DTTB.

In 1990, so far the most successful for JOOLA rubber, SAMBA was born in the table tennis world. Today the sound and playing feel of the Samba is legendary.

Jörg Rosskopf became European Champion in the singles at the home European Championships in Stuttgart in 1992. Again JOOLA was there and provided the complete set of required equipment.

In 1996 JOOLA was equipment supplier to the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Jörg Roßkopf won bronze in the singles and as the first German company, JOOLA started selling table tennis products in Japan. With JOOLA’s development of the TANGO with TENSOR technology for more spin and speed, another story of success was established in 1998.

In 1999 the branch JOOLA Hungary was founded in Kiskörös, which to this day delivers metal parts to the headquarters, and also successfully sells JOOLA products throughout Hungary.

In 2000 JOOLA again was the preferred table supplier to the Olympic Games. In Sydney a show court, developed by JOOLA, was introduced for the first time. This remains the prototype for all show court versions.

In 2003 the World Junior Championships took place in Chile. Again JOOLA was there. To this day, all World Junior Championships have been played on JOOLA tables with the theme “With the future in mind".

In Athens in 2004 for the 3rd time in a row JOOLA was equipment supplier to the Olympic Games and in 2005 JOOLA was equipment supplier for all major table tennis events in Europe: European Championships, European Youth Championships, World Cup, World Junior Championships and the European Veterans Championships.

Spectators and players were enthusiastic about the new JOOLA show court at the World Cup and the Asian Games in Qatar in 2006. In 2007 JOOLA developed the Energy rubber and the associated Green Power technology for incorporated speed glue effect.

In 2009 JOOLA was equipment supplier of the Asian Championships in India and one year later the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi were also played on JOOLA tables. The European Championships 2010 in Ostrava were not only the most successful European Championships of the German Table Tennis Association of all time, but also the television pictures with the JOOLA show court were a new milestone. Meanwhile, back at the Head Quarters in Siebeldingen, more expansion took place with a new warehouse being built.

In 2011/2012 JOOLA remain ever active. The European Championships in Danzig, The World Junior Championships in Bahrain and the Europe Top 12 in Lyon will be great highlights and JOOLA, as it has for the past 55 years, will continue to set new standards with their ideas and products.

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