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Petrissa Solja Festival at the German Open!

24.03.15  What a great performance! After 14 victories in 15 games, JOOLA star Petrissa Solja, who plays with JOOLA Rhyzm-P rubbers and a JOOLA Rossi Emotion blade, won two gold and one silver medal at the German Open in Bremen. This tournament has a traditionally strong field, so she herbeby showed how she has raised her game to a higher level in the past few months.

Peti presented herself over the five competition days as always, with fine hands and at the same time played very powerfully, impressing at close stages with winning, creative ideas. This is how she secured victories over players like the Japanese pair of Kasumi Ishikawa (WR 5) and Sayaka Hirano (WR 15) and the Chinese pair of Zhang Quiang and Gu Ruochen. Hereby she also gained the assurance that she can beat absolute world class players.

The beginning was made by the German national champion in the U21 event, in which she had to deal with strong Asian competition from the first round all the way to the final, making it astounding how Peti clearly dominated this competition. With the exception of the semi-final, where she had to play a deciding set against Doo Hoi Kem, she won every match 3:0 and secured her first gold medal on Friday evening.

It continued just as successful in the doubles. With the 4000 spectators in the ÖVB-Arena behind them, Peti won her second gold medal at the side of Shan Xianao, her teammate at JOOLA club TTC Berlin Eastside, becoming at the latest by this stage, the crowd favourite.

Subsequently it came to a showdown in the womens singles final, where the 21 year old left hander met the just 14 year old Mima Ito. The fact that Peti didn’t quite make it against the Japanese whizzkid was partly due to her opponent’s sensational performance, but also to the lack of energy after so many matches. Nevertheless, the performance in this event, in which she had to qualify for 3 days beforehand, is definitely a milestone in her young career. Now, at the latest, she has shown everyone what enormous potetntial she owns.

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