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Amelie Solja

Born on 29.09.1990
Height 1,62 m
Weight 60 kg
Club TTC Villach (Austria)
Playing class 1st Austrian League
Residence Wörth am Rhein
Previous clubs TTC Büchelberg, BTTF Zweibrücken
Coach Pavel Solja
Grip Shakehand right
Special stroke BH-chop/block with long pimples
Material Rubbers:
Marital status single
Hobbies Painting, doing handicraft
Sponsor JOOLA

Outstanding career stages...

with clubs
2012 1st-league-team TTC Villach 1st
2012 1st-league-team TTC Villach Play- Off 3rd
20111st-league-team TTC Villach 3rd
2010 1st-league-team TTSV Saarlouis/Fraulautern 3rd
2009 1st-league-team TTSV Saarlouis/Fraulautern 4th
National championships Austria
2012 1st doubles, 3rd singles, 3rd mixed
European Championships
2012 round of last 8 doubles
2008 2nd junior singles, 2nd junior doubles, 3rd junior mixed
2007 2nd junior singles, 3rd junior doubles, 3rd junior mixed
2006 1st junior doubles
2005 3rd singles, 1st doubles, 2nd team, 3rd mixed
2004 3rd singles, 3rd team, 5th mixed
International Championships
2012 Round of last 8 Olympic Games London
2012 Qualification for Olympic Games London
2011 3rd singles U 21 US Open
2010 3rd doubles, 5th singles, 3rd singles U21 Morocco Open
2010 9th singles Indien Open
2009 1st US Open Las Vegas U 21
2008 runner-up singles World Junior Championships
2008 1st doubles Europe Top 10
2007 2nd Europe Junior Top 12
2006 3rd World Junior Championships doubles
2005 World Cadet Challenge Santa Domingo 1st team Europe, 3rd singles
2005 Hungary 1st singles, 1st doubles, 1st team
2005 Poland 3rd singles, 1st doubles, 1st team
2005 Spain 2nd singles, 1st team
2005 Portugal 3rd singles, 1st team
2004 Poland 1st singles
2004 Spain 2nd singles
2004 Hungary 3rd singlesl
2004 Slowakia 3rd singles
2004 Germany 3rd singles, 1st team
German Championships
2010 5th singles
2008 quarter finals women singels
2008 2nd doubles
2008 Winner Deutschlandpokal girls
2007 German champion women doubles
2007 German champion girls doubles, 2nd singles
2006 2nd singles, 2nd doubles girls
2005 DTTB Annual Ranking Tournament 2005-2006 1st
2005 German Champion Cadets and Youth
2005 2nd mixed Cadets
2005 1st doubles Cadets
2005 DTTB Cadets Top 12 1st
2004 Girls 1st singles
2004 Cadets 1st doubles, 3rd mixed, 3rd singlesl
2004 German Top 16 1st
2004 German Top 12 1st
2004 German South West Championships Women 2nd singles
2004 Rhineland Palatinate Championships Women 1st singles
2003 Cadets 1st singles
5 titles at German South West Championships,
more than 20 Titles at bei Rhineland Palatinate Championships

World Cadet Challenge
2005 1st Europe team
2005 4th cadets singles
2005 6th cadets doubles
World Championships
2008 2nd im girls singles
2008 quarter finals girls doubles
2008 3rd girls team
2008 9th women team
2007 7th girls team
2007 quarter finals girls doubles
2007 3rd im girls singles
2006 3rd youth mix and girls doubles
2005 6th girls team
2005 3rd youth mix
Ranking lists
2012 1st ranking list Austria
2011 1st ranking list Top 12 Austria
2011 1st pre ranking list Austria
2009 5th ranking list women
2008 1st Youth Europe Top 10 girls
2007 1st DTTB Top 48 women
2007 2nd Youth Europe Top 12 girls
2006 1st DTTB Top 12 girls
2005 1st DTTB Top 12 cadets
2004 1st DTTB Top 48 women
2004 1st DTTB Top 12 cadets
2003 1st DTTB Top 16 cadets
2002 2nd DTTB Top 48 cadets
2002 1st SWTTV ranking list cadets
2001 2nd SWTTV ranking list cadets B

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